CRM Development Services

A custom CRM system is a powerful tool for boosting your business. We create a tailored CRM, aligned with your business processes, that increases your sales and optimizes workflow efficiency.
São projetados para simplificar a gestão e melhorar a eficiência empresarial. Com anos de experiência em desenvolvimento de CRMs, e aqui na Tinnova temos a expertise necessária para criar uma solução personalizada que atenda às suas demandas.   Amplie seus negócios com a implementação de um CRM já!

Our services include:

How we face CRM challenges

Our developers come up with customized solutions for each challenge, ensuring they meet customer requirements for a new CRM.

Data integrity

We transfer all your data to a single system, built with secure MySQL or PostgreSQL tools.


We use proven methods such as vertical and horizontal partitioning for large volumes of data, synchronous and asynchronous replication to handle heavy loads.

Multi-user support

We take team hierarchy into account and create configurable role systems to organize users and grant different levels of access to CRM modules.

Third-party tool integration

We consider all project requirements and develop a flexible CRM that can be easily integrated with tools like Automate.io, Slack, Survey Monkey, Zendesk and other business tools.

Our CRM Software Development Services

As experts in custom CRM development, we offer a wide range of services to meet all CRM-related business needs.

CRM development from scratch

Based on your industry, goals and requirements, we create unique digital products that help businesses maintain their effectiveness and optimize their resources.

Development of custom modules

We use proven methods such as vertical and horizontal partitioning for large volumes of data, synchronous and asynchronous replication to handle heavy loads

CRM Integration

Our CRM development services provide a flexible CRM system that can be integrated with your existing business tools

Legacy CRM Upgrade

We help modernize your legacy CRM system, reducing maintenance costs

CRM Consulting

We analyze your business, identify weaknesses and find the best solution to implement a CRM system that boosts your business

CRM Customization

We help you create features missing from an out-of-the-box CRM or adapt functionalities to your needs

Our CRM development cycle

Our custom CRM development services follow a time-tested process that helps us deliver sophisticated systems.

Discovery Phase

Our Business Analysts and Solution Architects conduct meetings to understand the details of your business and needs. At the end, you receive specifications, detailed estimates and wireframes

UI/UX Design Process

We create a unique design based on the wireframes and your needs. Our designers combine experience and the latest UI/UX trends to provide an attractive and functional design

Development Process

Once the UI/UX part is complete, we hand the project over to developers, who translate the requirements into code. They implement all the necessary features and make the CRM work on the chosen platforms

Quality assurance

We carry out rigorous tests to improve each feature of the CRM system, ensuring high performance, eliminating bugs and verifying the functioning of each module

Data migration

At this stage, we devise a data migration plan to transfer your business data to the new CRM system without disrupting your ongoing business operations


Our team makes the final adjustments to ensure it runs smoothly, then we launch the new CRM and deliver it into your hands

Support and Maintenance

With years of experience launching digital products, we take care of all the final details to get your product up and running, be it the shipping process, server deployment or cloud configuration, following best practices

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