Software development for the insurance sector

Tinnova offers customized software solutions for insurance agencies and brokerages, automating claims processing and insurance policy management, reducing routine tasks. Additionally, we implement AI-driven risk assessments for individual customer cases.

Our software services for the insurance industry

We offer insurance software development services that automate processes, improve data security, and help your business take advantage of the latest technologies.

Software development for insurance

We create customized insurance solutions from scratch, focusing on performance, cost-effectiveness, scalability and resilience

Software Modernization

We rethink your existing insurance systems to meet the latest industry standards in security, usability and interoperability

UI/UX Design and Prototyping

We perform in-depth analysis of target users’ behavior and preferences, ensuring an exceptional visual and user experience

Third-party integrations

We digitize insurance sector operations, integrating advanced technologies with obsolete software

How much will your app cost?

Calculate the cost of your software project with our solution that allows you to select the required functionality interactively and quickly

Insurance software solutions for your business

Tinnova is an insurance software development company that creates intelligent solutions to optimize industry services and workflows.

Agency/Broker Management

We manage teams, clients, policies and facilitate communication

Policy Management Systems

We administer policies, make quotes, generate proposals and deal with reinsurance

Claims Management Software

We automate the claims lifecycle, maintaining tracking and audit trails, as well as facilitating electronic data exchange

Omnichannel CRM

We organize leads, track business opportunities, automate agent and broker activities, and offer custom integrations

Risk Management Software

We monitor and analyze data in real time, provide decision-making alerts, insurance risk libraries, reports and risk mitigation protocols

Fraud Analysis Software

We detect and prevent claims fraud, monitor transactions and complaints, and provide alerts for fraud investigations and provider scores

Subscription/Quoting Software

We use underwriting, risk assessment and reporting algorithms

Cell Phone for Insurance Adjusters

We make it easy to capture electronic signatures, provide libraries of claim information and documents, damage inspection forms, and claim adjustments

Document management systems

We capture documents, manage policy forms and document databases including contracts, policies and licenses

Our experience in insurance software development

We offer a wide range of on-demand technology and insurance software development services, ensuring quality and meeting deadlines.

Engineering services

We develop WEB and Mobile FinTech solutions, high-performance and fault-resistant systems, as well as customized APIs

Internet of things

We integrate IoT into the cloud, collect and analyze data to make informed decisions


We implement delivery and continuous integration (CI/CD) pipelines, system automation and infrastructure maintenance

Software Testing

We perform in-depth software analyzes for technical debt and potential risks, with manual and automated testing, as well as end-to-end testing


We assist with cloud adoption and migration by offering cloud-native services and cloud-agnostic design

Operations Support

We monitor, manage and correct incidents, with flexible support and maintenance plans

Insurance software integrations we implement

Our InsurTech software tools and integrations enhance solution functionality, optimizing project time and budget.

Why choose Tinnova as your software development company?

We offer best practices and compliance with industry security standards, with over 10 years of industry experience. We develop solutions that comply with industry regulations such as HIPAA, PIPEDA, ACORD, ACA and others.

We offer a full cycle of insurance software development, including discovery, custom UI/UX designs and prototypes, delivery, post-production support, and focus groups to analyze results after projects are completed.

Our technology-savvy, AWS-certified team helps you choose the best technology solution to achieve your project’s business objectives.

We continually invest in innovation, focusing on FinTech and InsurTech to provide maximum value to our clients’ businesses.

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