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Our focus is on the administration of network equipment and servers, as well as software management and optimization of cloud services.
Managed IT services allow you to delegate infrastructure-related tasks, such as server management, data backups and cybersecurity, to third parties.

Cloud infrastructure deployment

Cloud infrastructure security

AWS Cost Optimization

Why opt for a managed IT service?

AWS Cost Optimization:

We analyze your system and provide recommendations for future improvements.

Cloud infrastructure security:

We guarantee the security of your data in the cloud, protecting against loss of information and cyber fraud.

Cloud Infrastructure Deployment:

We increase the performance of your system, optimizing the use of AWS resources.

Tuning CI/CD:

We establish a well-tuned CI/CD environment, allowing developers to save time on manual builds and testing.

Server virtualization:

We divide a physical server into multiple isolated virtual servers through a software application, with each virtual server running its operating system independently.

Performance Analysis:

We improve your system performance to make it more efficient, reducing resource consumption, especially when using AWS.

Advantages of Managed IT Services for Companies

Predictable costs:

We estimate the price of managed IT services in advance. Knowing the price of the service, you can calculate the project budget and manage your expenses accurately.


Maintaining more servers, securing cloud infrastructure, and tuning cloud services require the DevOps department. Managed IT services help you cooperate with a required team.

Save time on IT tasks:

Managed IT services can reduce time to market as software developers hand off time-consuming infrastructure-related tasks to DevOps engineers.

Focus on core tasks:

Managed IT service providers take care of all IT operations to ease the burden on your in-house team. This way, your software developers focus on their core tasks.

Software development services we offer

Cloud Infrastructure:

System monitoring:

Secure Cloud Infrastructure:

IT managed services at Tinnova

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