Design Sprint

Get assistance from our team of professionals to dive into the first stage of the development process. Conduct all the necessary research to define the scope and plan your entire digital project.

The discovery phase is a process that occurs before commencing the project development. The offered discovery services assist you in transforming project requirements into a clear plan to expedite development and enhance product quality. A properly conducted discovery phase saves on product development.

The importance of the discovery phase

The discovery services provided help you transform project requirements into a clear plan to expedite development and enhance product quality.

Precise definition of development inputs

Gain a clear project vision, conduct risk assessment, comply with legislation, and master best practices for a smooth delivery, align business objectives with user needs, and create a useful and financially successful product

Identifying software growth points

Uncover outdated and ineffective aspects of the existing system, identify areas for upgrades, and ensure the system adheres to the latest industry standards for security, usability, and interoperability

Business process clarification

First, define your current “as-is” business processes, analyze them, and improve the flow of actions and tasks in your daily routine – considering your current level of technology. Then, outline ways to automate manual processes to enhance your business efficiency and performance, and propose the appropriate technical solution

Product discovery process


Initial analysis of requirements by our team and preparation of the ideal discovery plan

Business analysis

Solution architectures

UI/UX Design

In-depth analysis

Thorough examination: business, technical, and UI/UX analysis for a better understanding, prioritization, and establishment of success indicators

Business analysis

Solution architectures

UI/UX Design

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The discovery phase is led by a team of qualified experts who create the entire development plan

Discovery phase deliverables

Documents describing the project requirements and technical aspects of development.

Business analysis

Detailed feature list

During the discovery phase, we uncover various development aspects to create a detailed feature list with user stories and a rough estimate based on it.

Impact Map

Impact Mapping allows making decisions about resources to be built and incorporated into a product.

Activities/UML/BPMN/Flowcharts diagrams

Depending on the project’s needs, we create diagram(s) using one of the notations for process visualization to represent a series of actions and flow control in a system.

Software Architecture Document (SAD)

The SAD BA part is updated according to the discovery results.

Solution Architecture

Quality attribute scenarios

Quality attributes are a set of functional and non-functional system requirements used to assess system performance. The Quality Attribute Scenarios document describes quality attributes and possible action scenarios.

More accurate estimation

The estimation is based on the detailed list of features. This document includes the team composition and a minimum and maximum time to develop the required functionalities. Team composition is the setup of a team. It is based on the team’s task and is defined individually for each project to achieve the best possible results during development.

Project Plan

A project plan defines project goals and objectives, specifies tasks and goal fulfillment, and identifies the necessary resources, associated budgets, and schedules for completion.

Architecture diagram

An architecture diagram represents the system’s outline and the relationships and boundaries between components. It provides an overview of the physical deployment and its roadmap for evolution.


Design concept

Design concept. Our Design team creates concepts for the required platforms based on the design requirements. We create two of them for mobile development (of your choice), and one page with more elements is for web.

Mind map

A mind map is a diagram used to visually organize information in a hierarchical manner, showing the relationships between the parts of a whole. It can help you find better and more creative solutions to problems, enhance information retention, facilitate more effective brainstorming sessions with your team, and significantly increase your productivity.

Unlock the full potential of your software idea with our Discovery phase services. We will validate your product concept and provide a clear roadmap for your project’s success. Let’s talk now!

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Our software development workflow

The main objective of the discovery phase is to eliminate uncertainties, prepare the technical foundation, and UX design according to your needs, and provide an accurate estimate of the project’s time and cost at the end.

Technologies for advanced applications​

Without limiting your functional requirements, we use tools and services that provide the best user experience for your final product

Media experience

Ecommerce experience

AWS development experience

Big Data

Blockchain Solutions

Progressive web apps

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