Software Modernization Services

Elevate your legacy software to the latest standards by incorporating the latest technologies, advanced functionality, enhanced security measures and superior performance. These services offer countless advantages to companies, regardless of their size and the sector in which they operate.

Benefits of Software Modernization

Reduced maintenance expenses

Outdated software requires more and more attention every year to stay aligned with new digital standards, security measures, business needs, market trends and to stay protected against hacker threats

Flexibility and performance

Upgrading your legacy software to a more modern foundation provides the improved flexibility and performance needed to readily adapt to sudden changes in market trends

Scalable base

Businesses are always growing and developing, and to prevent outdated software from impeding progress, it is possible to update it and implement technologies that guarantee scalability in the future

Enhanced security

Legacy software is an easy target for many cyber threats. Your digital solutions must include modern security protocols and protective measures against hacking attempts and data theft


The modern technologies underlying your updated software will allow you to make improvements and implement new features without the fear that everything will collapse like a house of cards

Our software modernization services

As a company that modernizes legacy software, Tinnova offers a broad set of services to update digital solutions for different types of businesses:

Update Consulting

Our solution architects and business analysts thoroughly analyze your legacy software to describe in detail possible options for your upgrade

Software Renewal

Our software experts restructure your outdated digital solution based on the latest technologies, implement functionalities, optimize source code and software performance

Migration to the Cloud

We move your software to the cloud to provide maximum flexibility, availability and performance, and provide room for future scalability and functionality improvements

UI/UX redesign

Our UI/UX designers redesign your software to adapt to the latest design trends, with user-friendly elements that reflect your corporate vision

Software modernization challenges we overcame

Modernizing legacy software with our services helps solve many specific challenges associated with this process.

Documentation Compliance

We close information gaps or lack of documentation through in-depth analyzes of your digital solution, allowing us to discover what’s behind it, even with little technical documentation

Budget Constraints

We solve the problem of budget constraints through flexible cooperation models, with a dedicated team, allowing you to choose the ideal solution according to your financial resources

Result Prediction

We make the development process as transparent as possible by dividing the project into separate modules, presenting each to the software owner, allowing you to make the necessary changes

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