Mobile Development Services

We create native applications for the iOS and Android operating systems, using specific programming languages for each platform, such as Swift, Objective-C, Java and Kotlin.

We carry out complete development of applications for iOS and Android, offering efficient solutions that adapt to your company’s market niche and budget restrictions.

We offer custom development services for companies, creating MVPs to validate your startup ideas and launch your product faster, as well as development teams to support or improve existing products.

Fully functional and customized applications

We develop complete and functional applications for all Apple devices, also offering sophisticated solutions for Android devices.

We also help startups and companies develop mobile solutions that reflect their brand identity, meet market demands and drive business growth and expansion.

Technologies for Customized Mobile Applications:

Sophisticated apps for Android devices

Fully functional apps for all Apple devices

Programming Languages​


This versatile language can be used for a variety of tasks, including Android app development. Its main advantages include portability, scalability and excellent performance, making it ideal for developing complex business applications.


The new open source programming language adopted by Google to replace Java in Android application development. With clear syntax and easy compilation into JavaScript or JVM bytecode, Kotlin speeds up app development and gives developers more tools to build native Android apps.


Backed by Apple, Swift is a robust language that makes it possible to create fast, sophisticated apps for all Apple operating systems. Its emphasis on security, simplicity, and continuous performance improvements make it ideal for iOS apps of any complexity.


This object-oriented language has been widely used in iOS app development for over 30 years, making it a reliable option. Additionally, code written in Objective-C is backwards compatible with C and C++ languages.



A backend-as-a-service platform that lets developers focus on the user experience by eliminating server management and API creation tasks. Firebase accelerates native iOS app development.


A lightweight database that stores data directly on the mobile device, offering a wide range of features for developers. Since SQLite does not require server requests, it is more powerful and faster.


A popular cross-platform mobile database, faster than SQLite and with an easy-to-use API.


This framework simplifies iOS app development by optimizing memory management and automatic validation of property values.



Frameworks​An open source Android unit testing framework that allows you to test Android applications through local JVM, speeding up the testing process.


A reactive programming library that makes it easy to build front-end and back-end software with observation and interaction patterns.


An open source unit testing framework in Java that allows you to write and test code simultaneously.


A mocking framework that simplifies effective unit testing of Java applications.


A Google automation tool used to write concise and reliable UI tests.


A framework that uses reactive functional programming in iOS application development.


A framework that facilitates real-time data exchange, ideal for chats and video calls in iOS applications.


A well-tested and reliable library for HTTP requests on Apple platforms.


A network abstraction library that simplifies the integration of RESTful API projects into iOS applications.

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