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59% of companies reduce costs with outsourcing​

When creating an internal technology, IT or development team, the company needs to transform digitally, make complex selections, structure the business and set up processes that meet the needs of a qualified development team.

With outsourcing, all of this is delegated to Tinnova, which offers a service with lower costs and higher technical quality, validated in projects for large corporations.

Com o outsourcing tudo isso é delegado para a Tinnova que oferece um serviço com menores custos e mais qualidade técnica, validada em projetos para grandes corporações.

There are great advantages to hiring Brazilian developers

Brazil has a highly qualified and creative IT workforce, with competent professionals in diverse areas, from software development to design and project management. Additionally, geographic proximity and a similar time zone to many countries make communication and collaboration more efficient. Cost-benefit ratio is also a significant advantage, as the costs of hiring developers in Brazil can be more affordable compared to high-cost regions. This combination of skills, efficiency and cost makes Brazilian developers an attractive choice for companies looking for quality partners for technology projects.

Brazil is the ninth technology market in the world.

Fonte: ABES

Brazil is the leader in the IT market in Latin America, representing 44%.

Fonte: ABES

We are among the 40 countries with the best developers, 38th position.

Fonte: HackerRank

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Without limiting your functional requirements, we use tools and services that provide the best user experience for your final product

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