Uncovering Technologies with Tinnova Reverse Engineering

Innovation through Technical Understanding

Importance of Reverse Engineering

Asset Protection

We identify and reinforce critical areas of your software, strengthening your security against unknown vulnerabilities

Systemic Compatibility

We ensure that new developments integrate seamlessly with legacy systems, preserving business continuity

Driven Innovation

Understanding the foundation of existing technologies, we enable targeted innovations that align with market needs

Reverse Engineering Work Process

Structural Mapping

We analyze and map the software architecture, revealing the essence of its operation and interactions

Resource Optimization

We evaluate the software’s use of resources to identify opportunities for improvement and optimization

Code Disassembly

We break down the code for granular understanding, enabling a clear view of all your operations

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The discovery phase is led by a team of qualified experts who prepare the entire development plan

Reverse Engineering Deliverables

Technical Blueprint

We provide a detailed representation of the software architecture, essential for future maintenance and expansion.

Security Audit

We deliver a comprehensive report on potential security breaches and their recommended solutions.

Integration Guide

We create guidelines for the integration of new technologies with existing systems, facilitating the technological transition.

Enhanced Documentation

We compile and structure robust documentation of all undocumented aspects of the code, including clear definition of intellectual property.

Project plan

A project plan defines project goals and objectives, specifies tasks and goal achievement, and identifies required resources, associated budgets, and timelines for completion.

Architecture diagram

An architecture diagram represents the outline of the system and the relationships and boundaries between components. It provides an overview of the physical deployment and its evolution roadmap.

Our software development flow​

The main goal of the discovery phase is to exclude unknowns, prepare the technical foundation and UX design according to your needs, and provide an accurate project time and cost estimate at the end.

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