CTO as a Service

Tinnova’s specialized team helps startups, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large corporations transform their business vision into effective technological solutions.

Our CTOs efficiently manage development teams, devise economically viable development strategies and meet all identified needs.

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Tinnova CTO as a Service Benefits


Using front-end development service offers several benefits, including a clear user interface, efficient processing of large volumes of data, and better software performance. Our front-end team is highly experienced with this framework and knows how to maximize its benefits in the final product.


Our CTOs, as technology experts, approach projects from the perspective of experienced programmers. They identify the strengths and weaknesses of products, knowing how to optimize their performance, make the final product more user-friendly and organize teams and priorities effectively.


Tinnova’s CTO as a Service is an affordable option for companies with limited budgets looking for qualified talent, many companies do not require this professional full-time, which is why our remote CTOs are the perfect solution for your project, saving labor costs of internal work.


A CTO is not just a programmer, but a technology executive who understands your business needs and the challenges you face. Your responsibilities include creating scalable, cost-effective software that meets customer needs and is easily adaptable in the future.

How can CTOs help your company?

Companies hire Chief Technology Officers when they need high-level technical experts to manage software development operations.

For startups

Product Design

Infrastructure Construction

Organizational culture

For businesses

Cloud Services

Consulting services

Leadership team

Achieve your business goals with Tinnova CTO services

Software Architecture

Our CTOs consult and help you create a high-level architecture that meets your current and future needs

Quality Assurance and Control

Our CTOs take care of architecture and team management to minimize errors and vulnerabilities, creating reliable software that improves the user experience

Team management

Experienced CTOs lead development teams to achieve exceptional results

Technological Strategy

Skilled CTOs develop scalable technology strategies to future-proof your project and achieve long-term goals

Types of CTO Services

CTOs perform a variety of roles and take on different responsibilities. This is why CTOaaS providers offer different types of services.


Full-time CTOs act as conventional CTOs within the company, managing teams, resolving technical issues, developing strategies and planning architectures


Fractional CTOs focus on specific client-defined tasks and collaborate with internal experts. They are ideal for solving specific problems when specialized talents are needed

Part time

Part-time CTO services combine the versatility of full-time CTOs with the affordability of fractional CTOs. They take care of all CTO responsibilities but for a limited period, providing a cost-effective solution for customers

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