Product discovery phase

Receive assistance from our team of experts to delve deeper into the first step of the development process. Perform all the necessary research to define the scope and plan your digital project!
The discovery phase is a process that occurs before starting project development. Discovery services offered by Tinnova help you transform project requirements into a clear plan, accelerating development and improving product quality.

Value of the discovery phase

Discovery services offered by Tinnova help transform project requirements into a clear plan to accelerate development and improve product quality.

Precise definition of development inputs

Get a clear vision of the project, perform a risk assessment, comply with regulations and adopt best practices to ensure smooth delivery. Align business goals with user needs and create a useful and financially successful product

Identifying Software Growth Areas

Reveal obsolete and inefficient aspects of the existing system, discover upgrade opportunities, and ensure the system meets the latest industry security, usability, and interoperability standards

Business process optimization

First, define your business processes in their current state, analyze them and improve the flow of actions and tasks in your daily routine, considering the current level of technology. Then, identify ways to automate manual processes to increase your business efficiency and propose the appropriate technical solution

Location of the discovery phase in the software development life cycle (SDLC)

We follow the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process in our work. Project preparation and planning are crucial for later phases of the SDLC to achieve cost-effective development. That’s why we cover requirements gathering, analysis, and product design during the discovery phase

Product discovery process

Preparation: Duration of
1 to 3 days

Initial analysis of requirements by our team and creation of an optimal discovery plan.

Business Analysis

Solution Architecture

UI/UX Design

Deepening: Duration of
4 to 10 days

Thorough analysis: business, technical and UX/UI assessment to obtain a clearer vision, prioritize and define success indicators.

Business Analysis

Solution Architecture

UI/UX Design

Solution Definition: Duration of 10 to 15 days

Here we work on the requirements and design of the product to better define the project implementation roadmap and the necessary expenses, being an iterative process.

Business Analysis

Solution Architecture

UI/UX Design

How much will your app cost?

Calculate the cost of your software project with our solution that allows you to select the required functionality interactively and quickly

Discovery phase results

Documents that describe project requirements and technical aspects of development

Business Analysis

Detailed feature list: During discovery, we identified various aspects of development and created a detailed feature list with user stories, providing a rough estimate based on these specifications.

Impact Mapping

Impact Mapping helps you make decisions about which features to incorporate into the product

Activity/UML Diagrams/BPMN/

Depending on the project needs, we create diagrams in one of the notations to represent a series of actions and the flow of control in a system

Software Architecture Document (SAD)

The part of SAD related to business analysis is updated based on discovery results

Solution Architecture

Quality Attribute Scenarios: Quality attributes comprise a set of functional and non-functional system requirements used to evaluate performance. The Quality Attribute Scenarios document describes these attributes and possible action scenarios.

More accurate estimation

The estimate is based on the detailed feature list and includes the team composition, with a minimum and maximum time frame to develop the required functionalities. The composition of the team is customized for each project, aiming to obtain the best development results

Project Plan

The project plan defines goals and objectives, specifies tasks, timelines, and identifies required resources as well as budgets associated with completion

Architecture Diagram

This diagram represents the outline of the system, including the relationships and limits between the components. It provides an overview of physical deployment and evolution planning

Why do you need a discovery phase?

Clear Requirements

The discovery phase focuses on clarifying your business and technology requirements. We select features that fit your budget and follow industry standards

Customized architecture for your goals

With a solutions architect working on your product, we design the architecture from the ground up to meet your business objectives from the earliest phases

Optimized development costs

The discovery phase is designed to identify obstacles that may arise during product development. By understanding all the risks, we can offer a solution that fits your budget

Minimized Risks

Your product idea goes through precise analysis and planning. This means you get a detailed project estimate, reducing unnecessary delays and expenses

The discovery phase includes

The discovery phase includes

Business analysts hold meetings with you to discuss business needs and user and functional requirements. Next, the solutions architect evaluates technological feasibility and suggests removing or maintaining features for a faster launch. You approve the final feature list before moving to the next step.

Preliminary estimate

Developers, designers, and QA engineers estimate the resources needed for the relevant platforms. The business analyst prepares documents with rough estimates, indicating the minimum and maximum time required to develop each feature. You should review the estimate before proceeding.

Team composition

After getting a rough estimate, we assemble the development team based on your requirements, including developers, UI/UX designers, and QA engineers.

Concept creation

The business analyst obtains the design requirements and the designers create concepts for the required platforms. We develop several versions of the main screens depending on the project needs. You must review and select the final version.


The business analyst prepares a comprehensive specification to meet a backlog that is sufficient to start the project. The specification covers technical aspects and describes each feature in the form of user stories. Since the entire team will use the specification, the Quality Assurance engineer checks for logical problems and guideline violations.


Once the specification is ready, designers start creating wireframes, which are the outline of the user interface. They organize key elements, like buttons and images, on each screen. The business analyst and QA engineer review and validate the wireframes. The quality control engineer also checks whether the project requirements are testable.

Detailed Estimate

Our developers and designers estimate the product development cost for each platform. We estimate part of the project to start development faster.

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