MVP development

Tinnova, our company specializing in MVP application development, is here to help you design, create and launch a product with essential features for your first users.
The objective is to provide you with a product of minimum value that will allow you to collect the first feedback, validate assumptions and present your idea to potential investors.

Exploring the world of software products

Validation of Ideas

Ensure the viability of your idea without investing large sums in a complete product

Rapid market launch

Your product will reach the market faster than the competition, with enough features to win the first customers

Market Exploration

O lançamento do MVP em mercados alvo permite testar o terreno, identificar fraquezas e tomar decisões embasadas para a evolução do produto

Effective Launch

Distinguishes itself from startups based solely on ideas, standing out to investors with an active MVP

Preliminary steps to MVP development

Before starting MVP development, it is essential to prepare the ground for your product. This involves:

Market analysis

Make sure there is demand for your product in the market and identify your short- and long-term goals

Definition of value proposition

Gather and analyze all product ideas to formulate a solid value proposition

User flow design

Consider how customers will use your product, creating an intuitive flow

MVP Feature Listing

Select only essential features for initial MVP development, identifying those that will be added later

How much will your app cost?

Calculate the cost of your software project with our solution that allows you to select the required functionality interactively and quickly

MVP development process with Tinnova

We follow a proven methodology to build a functional MVP, aligned with your product vision and market demands.

Discovery phase

This step aims to finalize the requirements, identify possible obstacles and create crucial assets for the development team, resulting in resource savings. It requires close collaboration with you to approve the wireframes, user journey, and review functionality in the specification.

Product design

Captivating and intuitive product design is critical to success. After understanding your product strategy, we create several design concepts aligned with your business objectives. After choosing, we started working on the prototype based on the wireframes.

Development and Testing

We follow the agile software development methodology to guarantee transparency, quality and flexibility to changes. With the ideal technology for your product, we design, develop and test, using the latest techniques and technologies.


With years of experience launching digital products, we carry out all the final preparations necessary to get your product up and running, whether it’s the shipping process, server deployment or cloud configuration. Everything is done quickly, following industry best practices.

Continuous development

MVP is not the final destination. We’re here to help you implement product updates and new features based on testing, assumptions, and key performance indicators. Our main objective is to help you capture the largest possible market share.

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