Reduce your company’s costs and boost growth with a team specialized in software development.

59% of companys reduce costs
by outsourcing

When creating an internal team of technology, IT or development, the company needs to transform itself digitally, perform complex HR recruitments, structure the business, and assemble processes that meet the needs of a qualified development team.

With outsourcing, this is all delegated to Tinnova, which offers a service with lower costs and more technical quality, proven and validated in projects for large corporations

There are great advantages

of hiring Brazilian developers:

Brazil is the ninth technology market in the world.
(Source: ABES)
Brazil is the leader in the IT market in Latin America, representing 44%.
(Source: ABES)
We are among the 40 countries with the best developers.
(Source: HackerRank)

Tinnova’s Squad As A Service

is the solution for companies of all sizes that want to:

Focus on
core business
Reduce costs for